Committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

While Advanta Seeds is focused on the essential goals of food security, all Sustainable Development Goals are important to address. Advanta Seeds is making an impact on the key areas of all the UN SDGs: economic growth and profitability of people while protecting the planet.

  1. No Poverty. Providing high-quality seeds to smallholder farmers to improve their prosperity, social and economic status.
  2. Zero Hunger. increasing agricultural productivity and nutritional crops.

Our Pledge to Sustainable Living

Globally, our teams have pledged to live a sustainable life.

“I pledge to promote Advanta’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and promote sustainable agriculture. We need to rethink how we grow, share, and consume our food. I pledge to be an active participant in improving access to quality seeds which contributes to achieving food security globally. I pledge to make changes in my daily life that will minimize social and ecological consequences on our environment. I will encourage my community, colleagues, and family, to pursue a lifestyle that ensures a better and more sustainable future for all.”


United against child labour

Child labour is one of the critical social issues that Advanta Seeds, along with its parent company UPL address actively. To fight child labour, we started the “United Against Child Labour” (UACL) initiative. The objective is to end all forms of child Labour in the seed supply chain and to ensure education for children.

To target the issue at its roots, we developed an awareness program for the rural communities, and engaged local governments, schools, and media to advocate the cause.


Enhancing nutrition.

Growing nutritional crops is essential to fight hunger and malnutrition. Most farmers in regions with food security challenges lack resources and knowledge to be productive and to feed their families. We look for the best solutions to improve nutritional value and provide high yielding crops.

Technology for climate change.

With changing climate smallholder farmers face new challenges that require tailored solutions. At Advanta Seeds, we aim to provide innovation and seeds technology to address the most challenging issues.

Engaging Community.

We actively engage our employees and community to create sustainability awareness and promote sustainable lifestyles. At Advanta, we listen to our employees and collect feedback from our community to understand what issues are the most pressing that we can address as a company.

Fair Labour

Agriculture is the world’s largest source of employment, often involving long hours and heavy work in challenging climates and harsh conditions. As an organization, we strive for fair labor conditions and the elimination of child labor throughout our entire supply chain network.


Advanta Seeds Sustainable Actions progress report

The future begins with a seed. With over 60 years in plant genetics research, we provide seeds technology solutions proven that ensure farmer prosperity and quality crop performance. To make a true impact we are embedding sustainability into our DNA.

We are actively engaging our employees and community to create awareness and promote sustainable lifestyles.

In 2019, Access to Seed Index ranked us 5th in the world in enhancing the prosperity of smallholder farmers by providing access to quality seeds.

Our impact on the agricultural community

From Nepal to Nebraska, we’re making a difference on farms everywhere.


Advanta Seeds embeds sustainability into its DNA.


Thailand to Peru. Delivering a sustainable corn economy to Latin America.



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