Thailand to Peru. Delivering a sustainable corn economy to Latin America.

As climate change and drought threaten the viability of small farms, the need for diverse, climate-adapted seeds is ever more important. Currently, Latin American small …

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Meet our Farmers

Taking our farmers’ interest at heart, bringing profitability and improvement to their lives. From small farmers to global distributors, discover why our people choose to work with us.

Joe Mendosa USA

Joe Mendonsa of Tipton, California, grows forage sorghum from Alta Seeds because of its water efficiency, cost savings and ability to produce on tough ground. “There’s just no beating it,” Mendonsa says. “It was really a no-brainer decision.”

Corn Farmers Thailand

“We need to select varieties based on roam soil, clay and sandy soil. Pac 999 is easy to grow on clay. We grow 339 because of its high productivity. Around here, we mostly grow 339.” “Customers especially like a variety of big and regular seed size. Only round seed. No flat seed, customers don’t like it.”

Terry Ingram USA

Terry Ingram is a dairyman in Brandy Station, Virginia.

“I’ve been growing sorghum-sudangrass now for the better part of 6 years….I’ve grown corn silage and fed corn silage and I’ll never go back,” says Mr. Ingram. “I have half the costs and half the water usage so to me, it’s just a no brainer.”

“AS6401, AS6501, and As9301 are the main hybrids that I use. AS6401 is mainly for bailage. I get a nice long harvest window, pretty decent tonnage, real high sugar quality – the cows love it. I don’t chop it, it goes straight in the bail just the way it comes. The difference that you see in your cow health is pretty evident.”

Gary Fernandes USA

Dairyman Gary Fernandes of Tipton, California grows AF7401 from Alta Seeds. “The cost of growing it is quite a bit cheaper than trying to grow silage corn,” Fernandes says. “As far as inputs, it’s probably half of what I put into my corn. We like what we’ve seen and we’ll probably be growing more of it.”


We believe that innovation is the cornerstone of sustainable development. Our R&D teams integrate biotechnology into its core operations thereby resulting in enhanced competitiveness across such diverse verticals like molecular technology, pathology, and tissue culture among others.

Our proprietary technologies develop better quality hybrids and increase crop yield resulting in market leadership across various products in different regions.

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Our Impact

Advanta Seeds is focused on sustainable agriculture and providing farmers with quality seeds. Access to high-quality seeds, especially to smallholder farmers, is an essential part of the solution to global food security.


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