More than forage. It’s EMPYR.

Meet the world-class seed lineup that will transform your operation.

You want more from your forages. You want the best.

EMPYR Premier Forages are our top-of-the-line, carefully selected hybrids that consistently outperform and outproduce the others in their class in field and in feed. Our team continually evaluates the performance of these products against others in our global pipeline to ensure that only the best of the best are included in the EMPYR group. These forages offer a high yield, excellent standability, and strong performance even in extreme environments.

The EMPYR line is built on a wide variety of hybrid types that provide solutions for specific grazing or silage needs.
Aphix™ SCA Tolerance, the best-in-class option for combating pressure from sugarcane aphids
BMR-6 for increased palatability and digestibility, supporting more weight gain and milk production
Brachytic Dwarf for superior standability and high leaf-to-stalk ratios
Photoperiod Sensitivity (PS), for a wide harvest window
Dry Stalk for reduced moisture levels, for earlier baling and storage.

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