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Sweet Corn

We are specializing in breeding technology for tropical field corn, baby corn, sweet corn and waxy corn which our hybrids seed spreading Advanta footprint across the tropical geographies from Asia to Latin America.

Hybrid Fresh Corn

Advanta offers an extensive hybrid corn portfolio with both temperate and tropical corn. While temperate corn does well in lower temperatures, we recommend tropical corn for hot climates and areas experiencing a rise in surface temperature as a result of climate change.

The Advanta Seeds Corn Center of Excellence for tropical and sub-tropical corn specializes in breeding technology for tropical field corn, baby corn, sweet corn and waxy corn. Advanta’s breeding programs have successfully introduced hybrids in all tropical regions from Asia to South America.

Thailand is home to the Corn Seed Sizer and Treater Processing Plant operating under our partner brand, Pacific Seeds. The new plant is capable of sorting corn seed in fourteen (14) different shapes and sizes so growers, from large scale to smallholder farmers, can find the perfect sized seeds suited to their fields and agriculture machines.

Hybrid Corn R&D Stations: Argentina, Brazil, India, Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, & USA.

Hybrid Corn solutions: Elite

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