The Aphix™ pest control offers outstanding performance with the highest level of tolerance to sugarcane aphid (SCA) pressure. This seed technology is validated by the …



Ultra sunflower seeds deliver a superior level of oleic acid. We understand the market for high content oil seeds and developed a new generation of …



igrowth™ is the world’s first imidazolinone (IMI) herbicide-tolerant technology for sorghum. This proprietary, non-GMO allows the sorghum to remain unaffected when IMI herbicide is applied …



Nutrisun is a patented, proprietary germplasm that delivers sunflower oil with a special content of fatty acids. The high stearic, high oleic sunflower oil (HSHOSO) …


Research & Development stations worldwide.


years of research experience in plant genetics.


superior hybrids and inbred varieties.


seed company to enhance the productivity of smallholder farmers globally. Access to Seed Index 2019.

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Where we do our crop research

CS Biotechnology Center in Texas

Our Biotechnology Center in Texas conducts sustainable research and innovation to fulfill farmers’ needs and expectations. Advanta first opened its molecular, breeding, and data science operations in College Station in October 2016. This Biotechnology Center is the result of a ground-breaking partnership with Texas A&M AgriLife Research headquartered at Texas A&M University in College Station.

The CS Biotech Center is a state-of-the-art facility where Advanta R&D teams research molecular breeding, plant breeding, data science, and high-throughput plant phenotyping (HTPP). This center accelerates Advanta Seeds research and development capabilities for sorghum, corn, vegetables, sunflower, canola, and rice.


Center of Excellence for Corn in Thailand

Thailand is home to the Advanta Seeds Center of Excellence for Tropical and Sub-tropical field Corn and brand-new Corn Seed Sizer and Treater Processing Plant. The new plant is capable of sorting corn seed in fourteen (14) different shapes and sizes so farmers can find the perfect seeds suited to their fields and agriculture machines. Uneven seeds and they tend to get block or pass more than the intended seeds in the farmers planting machines. This is a common problem amongst small farmers globally.

Corn as a key crop in Latin America and our hybrid corn seeds are gaining traction. Hybridization technology helps to improve the grain qualities, reduce the incidence of pests, and increase the overall crop productivity drought-tolerant seeds so that farmers can survive fluctuations in the climate.


Sunflower Breeding in Ukraine

Advanta Seeds in Europe operates under the global brand Alta Seeds to provides unique, superior, and highly diversified germplasm for Europe and CIS countries. In Europe, we are focused on high oleic sunflower hybrids, hybrid corn, forage sorghum, forage millet, sorghum-sudan, and grain sorghum.

Our R&D sunflower breeding station in Ukraine increases and supplies a wide range of sunflower hybrids for Europe. We test our sunflower hybrids for different soil-climatic conditions and provide the most suitable crop for the Central & Eastern European region. From working closely with local farmers and engaging in research activities, we offer high performing seeds with good disease and stress tolerance, strong yield output and the most innovative qualities.



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