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The information provided in this website is intended as a guide only and UPL Ltd (including its officers, employees, contractors, service providers and agents) cannot guarantee that every statement is without flaw of any kind. The information is based on the research trials and/or commercial trials done at various locations. While UPL Ltd has taken all due care to ensure that the information provided is accurate, various factors including planting time, geography, climatic and environmental conditions may alter the characteristics and performance of the hybrid.

UPL LTD shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the information or for any loss, injury damage or other consequence whatsoever that you or any person might incur as a result of use of or reliance upon the products (whether UPL’s products or otherwise) and information which appear in this website.

It is recommended to carry out a small scale trial in order to test the performance of the product in local conditions during different seasons. Images used in this website are to represent the kind only. Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to images shown.


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