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ADV 8101 MGRR2 Jorge Firpo de Saladillo, Buenos Aires

“We were surprised by the response of the material and the defense of it in a complicated soil, with little rain at the beginning of the crop, which later recovered very well. From that campaign, we always choose this material, because it has been defended in all campaigns due to excess or lack of water. In fact, this year we planted it in General Alvear, in a very sandy field. We sowed it late, with practically a little low density (2.7 plants per meter), and well, it didn’t rain, it hasn’t been a good rainy year, and yet the material was never stressed “


“My experience with this hybrid started last year, we planted it in a 3WS / 4WS lot with excellent production. The use that we give to this material is for cattle feeding, when this crop is in the milky grain phase, we touch the breeding cows, wean them and we pass all the pregnant cows to eat this sorghum in a delayed manner. , distributing the food in plots. What we achieved with the ADV 2450 IG, which has impressive palatability, is that even when the cycle ends, the state of the cow at the end of grazing is very good. Finally, we wanted to add that in this area it is very difficult to keep the lot clean because of the annual grasses, but thanks to igrowth technology this situation has changed and we can incorporate sorghum into the diet without complications.”

Our Technology

Our patented, proprietary seed technologies can make the difference between a poor season and a thriving crop ready for market.

Advanta prides itself on decades of research and development in plant breeding and plant genetics. Our hybrid seeds contain value added traits that are proven to prosper in today’s changing climate.

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Our Impact

Access to seeds is an essential part of the solution to global food security. Advanta Seeds is focused on enhancing farmer prosperity through access to quality, hybrid seed technology.

Catalog 2021

Access all the updated information on the most complete portfolio in Argentine genetics and technology in sunflower, sorghum and corn.

ERA ADVANTA: the beginning of a different sunflower

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Higher yield in a weed-free field

Introducing the first forage sorghum with igrowth technology: ADV 2650 IG

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Catalog 2021

ERA ADVANTA: the beginning of a different sunflower

Higher yield in a weed-free field

FORTIA is here – everything you need to know about sorghum


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