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"Innovation is collaboration" – Bhupen Dubey, Advanta Seeds CEO

Advanta Seeds is a rapidly growing and diverse company which prides itself on decades of research and deployment of the most advanced technologies in traditional plant breeding.

By adopting the latest technology, Advanta Seeds has successfully improved the quality of crops and significantly increased crop yields.

Our projects

A good example of our innovative work is our product Hyola TT canola, which is resistant to the herbicide triazine and gives growers better yield and crop performance, as well as high quality oil.

Another innovative technology that is in demand is the ultra-high oleic (UHO) sunflower seed, which has a superior level of oleic acid and is stable across environments. Our UHO contains 90% of oleic acid, making it a game changer when compared to 60% to 80% of standard high oleic products," Dr. Leon added.

Our innovation strategy
Advanta Seed's innovation strategy comprises four categories.

1. Basic or routine innovation, which focuses on developing new hybrid products that provide more benefits to farmers.

2. Radical innovation – the adoption of new technical competencies designed to add new traits to crops, such as tolerance to certain diseases.

3. Disruptive innovation – adding new traits to the end product. For example our Ultra High Oleic sunflower seed is producing a better quality oil.

4. Architectural innovation, which centres around developing a new market with a completely new product. Advanta Seeds developed revolutionary oil, Nutrisun, a high oleic and high stearic healthy sunflower oil with wide range food applications.

Our commitment to innovation focuses on putting customers at the heart of all our product development efforts.

We have partnership with leading technology companies for: added value traits, biotech and high quality oil and yield traits, diseases, pest and herbicide resistance and drought and salinity tolerance.

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