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Advanta Seeds is a global brand, with local expertise.
Each of our regional brands are dedicated to understanding their
customers' needs and delivering the right products and solutions for them.

Pacific Seeds

Pacific Seeds brand is our most recognized brand in Australia, Thailand and some of the Asian and African countries as pioneers in innovative seed technologies, Pacific Seeds pioneered the product of Hybrid Canola, Grain Sorghum, Corn and Sunflower.

Alta Seeds

Alta Seeds provides strong genetic expertise, specializing in high quality hybrids of Grain Sorghum, Forages, Sunflower, Canola in the US and Europe.

Regional Brands
Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds is one of the most trusted vegetable brands in India. Golden Seeds has been acquired and transformed by Advanta into a leading brand of more than 25 vegetable crops such as Tropical Cauliflower, Okra, Beetroot, Peas and other major crops.


Vereda is a specialist brand within Brasil for Soybean.


Operating in North America, Phoenix specializes in Corn Hybrids chosen for their performance in the hot, dry conditions of the high plains and western states within the US.

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