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Advanta Seeds, Europe operates under the global brand ALTA SEEDS and provides unique, superior and highly diversified germplasm for Europe and CIS countries. Working closely with local farmers and engaging in research activities, we offer high performing seeds with good disease and stress tolerance, strong yield output and the most innovative qualities. In Europe we are focused on crops such as sunflower: lino, classic and high oleic hybrids, corn, winter and spring oilseed rape and grain and forage sorghum.


Romania has the largest sunflower production site for Europe and exports to South America.  Our main supply and logistic operation site is located near Bucharest, from where we deliver seeds across the region.


Our operations in Russia are managed with our parent company UPL from Moscow. In Russia we are focus on crops such as forage sorghum, sunflower and rapeseed. We cooperating with local communities and are actively supporting dairy industry development in that region and offer excellent selection of forage crops.


In Ukraine we have strategically placed R&D Sunflower breeding station to increase and supply a wide range of sunflower hybrids for Europe. The R&D research allows us to test sunflower hybrids for different soil-climatic conditions and provide the most suitable products for the region.

Grain Sorghum

We supply a variety of grain sorghum hybrids from early to mid and late maturity, suitable for different seasons and adaptable to all soil types.

Forage Sorghum

We offer a wide range of sorghum hybrids suitable for uses such as forage, hay, grain, grazing, silage, biogas, bioethanol and biomass production. High quality seeds are designed to provide the best disease, pest and stress tolerance available.

Spring Canola (Rapeseed)

High oil content is a key trait of spring canola hybrids, giving the grower a high yielding crop. Yield performance, oil content and herbicide tolerance are the main features characterizing the rapeseed hybrid portfolio. Hybrids include herbicide tolerance technology such as Clearfield (Imidazolinon tolerance).


We are currently developing new corn hybrids specifically adapted to the European and CIS environments. Our portfolio is rich with hybrids ranging in maturity, types and offering a strong ratio of price to quality performance.


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