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Advanta South Asia

The Advanta Seeds South Asia region is directed from India with headquarters in Hyderabad, serving the following countries: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan. Advanta Seeds is a leader in vegetables and forage segment in this region, and known for our high nutritional forage crops throughout the year. Our aim is to establish Advanta as the complete animal nutrition solution provider. In addition, we have very innovative products in Rice, Corn, Mustard, Canola, Sunflower & Sorghum segment.

In Bangladesh, Advanta is the most popular brand in the Corn segment and is the first to introduce Forages & Sunflower there. In Pakistan, Advanta's Sunflower is most popular brand among the farmers. In Sri Lanka, Advanta's focus crop is Corn. Among forage segment, Advanta is pioneer to introduce Sugargraze.

ASEAN & North East Asia

This region is managed by our subsidiary brand, Pacific Seeds based in Thailand. Our expertise in this region comprises of tropical field corn, baby corn, sweet corn and waxy corn, of which the excellent germplasm has been successfully introduced across the tropical geographies from Asia to South America. With a successful R&D program and by using Dihaploid technology, we have established a center of excellence for Advanta Seeds breeding programs for sweet corn, baby corn and waxy corn breeding programs. The center of excellence allows the elite germplasm to turn from research stage into commercial scale in a short time frame.


Advanta Forages has been helping Indian Dairy farmers by providing high nutritive forages round the year. The products are mainly aimed at supplying more and high nutritive greens to the animals thus reducing the dependability on concentrates. This reduced dependability on concentrates is in the range of 30% to 50% which results in significant drop in production cost of milk. Thus increasing the farmer income. Apart of wide range of products in forages like Sugargraze, Nutrifeed, Jumbo Gold, Makkhan Grass, Delight, we have also introduced inoculants in our portfolio named Smart Silage and Max Digest.

Segmentation :
  • • Spring & Kharif Single Cut - SUGARGRAZE
  • • Spring & Kharif Single Cut - SUGARGRAZE (Sri Lanka)
  • • Spring & Kharif Multicut - Nutrifeed, Jumbo Gold, Jumbo
  • • Spring & Kharif Multicut - Jumbo Plus (Pakistan)
  • • Post Rainy Muticut Grasses - Makhhan Grass
  • • Post Rainy Muticut Legumes - Delight
Traits :
  • • High Biomass, Suitability For Silage, High Sugar Content, Helps to improve milk yield & fat
  • • Higher Nutritional Value, Palatability, High Biomass, Requires less water to grow, Good Tillering
  • • High Biomass, Good Nutrition, Tolerance To Cold, Helps to improve milk yield & fat
  • • High Protein, Better Nutrition, Helps in Nitrogen Fixation


Advanta has been one of the pioneering Company in Hybrid Rice Breeding in India with a large collection of Germplasm. Advanta is not only working on yield improvement aspects of hybrid rice but also working on introducing disease tolerant traits viz; Bacterial Leaf Blight, Blast etc in the new and current commercial hybrids through conventional breeding methods. Advanta is one of the top 5 Hybrid rice companies in India. Advanta's geography specific breeding programs have helped in developing Hybrid rice with competitive advantage.

Segmentation :
  • • Early Maturity Rainfed - PAC 807+, PAC 8130
  • • Medium Maturity Rainfed - PAC 801, ADV 801+
  • • Medium Maturity Irrigated - PAC 8744+, PAC 837
  • • Medium Maturity Irrigated - Swarna 2 (Bangladesh)
Traits :
  • • Fortified With Blast, Matures in 100 days, Suitable for terrace cultivation, Suitable for rainfed condition
  • • Suitable For Rainfed Condition, Better Grain Filling, Consistent yielder
  • • Fortified For BLB, High Yielding, Bold Grain, Medium maturity
  • • High Yielding, fine grain

Corn is a cereal crop that is grown widely throughout the world, More Corn grains is produced annually than any other grain. Even in Asia, there is rapid increase in corn acreage in the last decade. As Asia's agribusiness and food processing industries and economies continue to grow, the opportunities for the use of corn as food, feed, fodder and in industry will also increase signi-ficantly. The growing needs of the poultry & other industrial sector, the expansion of corn seed sector and increasing interest by consumers in nutritionally enriched and specialty maize products indicates the growing potential. In such scenario, it is important to build a competitive supply chain of maize with a broader aim of economic improvement in the corn value chain.

Segmentation :
  • • Early Maturity - PAC 712
  • • Medium Maturity Rainfed - PAC 740, ADV 9293
  • • Medium Maturity Irrigated - PAC 751, PAC 753
  • • Bangladesh - PAC 339, PAC 999s, PAC 224, PAC 293, PAC 984, PAC 022, PAC 559
  • • Sri Lanka - PAC 339, PAC 999s, PAC 293, PAC 984
  • • Pakistan - PAC 339, PAC 999s
Traits :
  • • Suitable for rainfed, Good tip filling, Orange colour, High shelling percentage
  • • Highest Cob Lengh, Drought Tolerance, Excellent Grain Colour
  • • Highest Shelling Percetage, High Yield, Better Grain Colour
  • • Highest Shelling Percetage, High Yield, Better Grain Colour, Uniform cob size
  • • Highest Shelling Percetage, High Yield, Better Grain Colour, Uniform cob size
  • • Highest Shelling Percetage, High Yield, Better Grain Colour


We are leaders in the vegetable sector with a diversified portfolio, and we are introducing value added products every year. In India our flagship brand, Golden Seeds, is widely recognized For more information on vegetables please click here.


Advanta has the very prominent position in oilseed segment. It is the first seed company to launch mustard hybrid in India in the brand name of Coral. Coral hybrids are known for high oil content (40-42%). In Canola segment, Advanta is the only hybrid player in canola with "Hyola 401" brand. Gobaly Advanta has one of the best Sunflower genetics and it's hybrids contents features like high oil content & disease tolerance capacity.

Segmentation :
  • • Mustard - Medium Maturity - ADV 414
  • • Mustard - Late Maturity - Coral 432 (India & Pakistan), Coral 437 (Pakistan)
  • • Canola - Hyola 401 (India & Pakistan)
  • • Sunflower - PAC 334
  • • Sunflower - Hysun 33, Hysun 39, Augura 4, T-40318 (Pakistan)
  • • Sunflower - Hysun 33 (Bangladesh)
Traits :
  • • Bold Grains, Better Oil Content, Suitable For Rainfed Condition
  • • Highest Oil Content, More Branches, More Pods on branches
  • • "OO" Type, High Yield, Best oil for consumption, Palatable oil-cake for animals
  • • High Yield, Better Oil Content, Powdery Mildew Tolerant, Convex head
  • • High Yield, Better Oil Content
  • • High Yield, Better Oil Content


Apart from the key focus crops, Advanta also spreading its wings towards other crop segments. Advanta re-introducing its Pearl Millet hybrid for the rainfed market and efforts are in place to identify the suitable products for summer/spring season. Similarly it has the sorghum products for the selected geographies.

Segmentation :
  • • Pearl Millet - Medium Maturity Rainfed - ADV 954
  • • Sorghum - Medium Maturity Rainfed - PAC 501, PAC 537
  • • Sorghum - Medium Maturity Rainfed - Mr. Buster (Pakistan)
Traits :
  • • Long & Compact Panicle, High Yield, Good Fodder Yield
  • • Pearly White Grain, High Yield Under Rainfed Condition, Better Roti Making Quality, Wide adaptability, High grain yield, Semi compact panicle
  • • Suitable For Cattle & Poultry Feed, Red Grain


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