Corporate Social Responsibility - Safety, Health & Environment


  1. Adequate care shall be taken by the employees while undertaking long distance travels. Prefer public or private operators with good safety record for travel by air, rail or road.
  2. While hiring the private cars/taxis ensure safety regulations of the charter company and avoid night travel by road wherever possible.
  3. Users of two wheelers shall compulsorily wear helmet of good quality
  4. Ensure that the vehicle insurance & preventive vehicle maintenance records are kept up to date for all the company owned and private vehicles. Such documents shall be called for verification randomly at least twice a year. Persons failing to produce such documents shall be liable for with-holding of the conveyance claimed for use of own vehicle for official purposes until valid documents are furnished.


  1. Any new employee, at the time of reporting to duty, shall produce the master health check report from a recognized medical institution. The reports shall be submitted to the HR department.
  2. All the employees above 35 years of age, shall under-go master health check up once in every year.
  3. All the employees below 35 years of age, shall under-go master health check up every alternate year.
  4. The medical checks shall contain the details regarding the blood group, pulmonary, cardiovascular, renal ophthalmologic, auditory, blood pressure, blood test for transmissible diseases and general health. Specific allergies shall be mentioned in the report with details of previous history on surgeries and genetically transmitted diseases if any. (Ref. Annexure-10)
  5. First aid training & facility shall be provided in the respective sites to facilitate immediate attention to the affected persons.


All employees are requested to demonstrate concern for the environment and minimize indiscriminate use of plastics and follow periodical vehicle emission test requirements personally to contribute to the well-being of the society apart from complying to the statutory regulations in the respective work stations.


In case of emergency arising due to accidents in the work place, moving vehicle, fire and exposure to hazardous chemicals please intimate the incidence directly to the company SHE coordinator & the Sr. Vice President - HRD, in addition to respective functional heads to facilitate necessary support

Know your Heart - Program

We work in highly - competitive environments under great stress. Therefore, it makes good sense to promote healthy living in our workplace. Care for and monitor our employee's health will benefit to company as well as employee. Our employees tend to perform better and more motivated and productive when they know that company takes care of their health and welfare. Our company also stands to gain as they can reduce absenteeism and maximize productivity.

As a part of series of Health Talks the first one is on Cardiology "Know your Heart". With the increasing number of Heart Attack cases in India and around the world, more and more people want to be aware about Heart Diseases. How does it propagate, what are the steps to be taken to avoid the Heart attack?

This talk has been conducted at Global Office on 18-Aug-2010 and 26 employees participated in the session.

Employees Feedback:

It was excellent to learn so many things on the subject and very informative. It is a very Good initiative taken by HR team and well organized. Employees requested to continue these kinds of sessions / events in future.