Advanta Global Sorghum Business

The Advanta sorghum business is a truly global business and is built on the highest standards of product development, seed production and quality, and marketing. Advanta is at the forefront in development of elite hybrid grain and forage sorghums for animal production, grain sorghum for human consumption, specialty sorghums for bioenergy, and pearl millet products. The future success and profitability of the global sorghum industry will be enhanced through Advanta's commitment to effective R&D and targeted collaborations with technology providers having interest in sorghum. Advanta is also committed to developing the most efficient and cost effective seed production systems without any compromise to elite genetic and physical seed quality.

Advanta is committed to the long term future success of sorghum.

Overview of Advanta Sorghum

Currently there are active "in-house" breeding programs for grain and forage sorghum in Argentina, Australia and the United States, aimed at the development of products for animal production. There are another two Advanta sorghum R & D programmes with Advanta India and Pacific Seeds Thailand. Both programmes undertake "in-house" breeding and testing programmes for the development of grain sorghum and pearl millet products suitable for livestock feed and human consumption and also bioenergy.

Advanta has a strong position in the world sorghum seed market, with particular strengths in Australia, South America, Thailand and in several markets in the Middle East. Advanta's market, technical and germplasm strengths provide the company with a strong base to further improve and efficiently develop its sorghum business, particularly in the major markets of the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, India and Australia. Other sorghum markets that Advanta is working with are those of Africa and China and also parts of Europe.


The major involvement that sorghum has towards ethanol production is fermentation of grain sorghum, and this is predominantly in the US and more recently, Australia.

There is a lot of development towards the use of sweet sorghum, BMR and forage sorghum for biomass for cellulosic ethanol production. The current estimate for commercial cellulosic ethanol production is still some years away and there are a number of companies working towards this goal.

For Advanta, the development of the bio-energy business is targeted at developing the benefits of the germplasm of our own breeding programme as well as introductions and technology from other research projects.


The development and maintenance of breeding programs in key sorghum growing areas, which address the unique requirements of the regions, will ensure that Advanta maintains a dominant global presence in the sorghum crop.

Exchange of elite germplasm between Advanta breeding units effectively broadens the germplasm base and gives opportunities for greater gain. There are excellent synergies between the breeding programs in Australia, Argentina and Advanta US for development of all types of sorghum.

Seed Production

The Advanta seed production strategy focuses on reducing the cost of saleable seed and at the same time ensuring that maximum reliability, efficiency and timeliness of production of high quality seed is achieved.