As the most popular crop for oil production, our Sunflower crop with Advanta technology ranges from traditional lino to ultra-high oleic germplasm.

We've a wide variety of hybrids designed for specific production and agro climates. Each hybrid considers the adaptability, cycle and technology incorporated.

Our crop has been supported by Advanta's Sunflower Research Program for more than 50 years, Through the most advanced breeding and biotechnology techniques, we've been able to obtain a superior sunflower product.

To find out more about Sunflower in Europe, you can speak to our team under our Alta Seeds brand.

South America
You can find out more about our Sunflower crop within South America by visiting our regional page.

Africa & Middle East
Our Pacific Seeds brand operating in this region also offers our Sunflower crop.

For those who operate in Australia can find out more about our Sunflower crop on our regional page under the Pacific Seeds brand.

If you're based in Asia, you can find out more about our Sunflower crop through our Pacific Seeds brand.