Pearl Millet

Wonderleaf is a hybrid pearl millet breed. From the US through our local brand Alta Seeds, Pearl Millet is a bushy type of plant that offers high yield potential in growing areas characterised by drought, low soil fertility, and high temperature. It grows quickly and can produce with as little as 16 inches of water.


Forrage oats are an important crop because of the yield potential and very good feed quality.  Under favourable conditions, oats can provide quality forage from late autumn through to mid spring. Advanta Seeds mostly produces oats seeds in Australia through our Pacific Seeds brand, and has been in the marketplace for over a decade. We have since established ourselves as market leaders for yield, quality and disease resistance germplasm.


The most popular product of Advanta is Delight. The high protein Lucerne is high yielding, nutritional and palatable with medium thick stem and deep root system.


The first product to be released from the bio fumigants is Bio Fumigator- a C4 plant that has specialized biocidal production capabilities which suppress specific species of parasitic nematodes and soil borne pathogens. It has been bred using advanced conventional breeding technology and is not a GMO. This product provides a systems approach to soil health complimenting an Integrated Pest Management program.


Advanta Seeds is the first seeds company to develop and introduce a Commercial Mustard hybrid in India, Coral 432. The mustard hybrids are high performance, high yielding crops with high oil content and crop resisting major biotic and abiotic stress compared to the open pollinated verities.

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