We offer both temperate and tropical corn germplasm. Our leadership is in sub-tropical and tropical corn and we offer variety of products for different geographies. Our corn product portfolio is highly diversified and includes: baby corn, waxy corn, wide range of field corn hybrids and sweet corn.

We have established a successful tropical corn breeding program and developed excellent germplasm that has been successfully introduced in all tropical regions from Asia to South America. Our corn seeds products are customized to the local farmers’ needs.

As one of the most popular grains, Corn is grown in countless varieties throughout the world. Known for its wide range of uses:

  • Food production

  • Livestock feed

  • Industrial use

North America
Our Corn crop is available in North America through our Alta Seeds brand.

To find out more about Corn in Europe, you can speak to our team under our Alta Seeds brand.

South America
You can find out more about our Corn crop within South America by visiting our regional page.

You can find out more about our Corn crop within Brazil by visiting the regional website.

Africa & Middle East
Our Pacific Seeds brand operating in this region also offers our Corn crop.

For those who operate in Australia can find out more about our Corn crop on our regional page under the Pacific Seeds brand.

If you're based in Asia, you can find out more about our Corn crop through our Pacific Seeds brand.