This crop is mainly known for its oil content and use for oil production.

We are the first company in the world to commercially market Hybrid Canola. Commercially known worldwide as the Hyola® range, it's characterised by exhibiting:

  • High seedling vigour

  • High yield

  • High oil

  • High blackleg resistance

  • High standability

  • Superior adaptability

The Hyola® hybrid varieties have developed a strong reliable reputation with growers, agronomists and consultants across many geographies across the globe.

To find out more about Canola in Europe, you can speak to our team under our Alta Seeds brand.

South America
You can find out more about our Canola within South America by visiting our regional page.

Africa & Middle East
Our Pacific Seeds brand operating in this region also offers our Canola crop.

For those who operate in Australia can find out more about our Canola on our regional page under the Pacific Seeds brand.

If you're based in Asia, you can find out more about our Canola crop through our Pacific Seeds brand.